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According to the Eastern Horoscope, 2010 is a year of the Blue (Metalic) Tiger which began on February 14th. The Tiger symbolizes Power, Prosperity and Luck. One of the hexagrams in the Chinese Classic Book of Changes, the I Ching, says: “Tread on the Tiger’s tail, and if he does not bite you, victory lies ahead”.

TIGERIN is an inspiring educational book for children aged 5 to 12 years AND a delightful Read Aloud Story for kids aged 2,5 to 5 years.

We are all parents at some point of our lives. Our families are more important than anything else. As our children grow older, we do not want them to take our families for granted and not realize how valuable they are. Many of us have a goal ourselves to write a book about teaching our children family values – the things that make a family a unity that value each other e.g. kindness, politeness, gratitude, respect, etc.

TIGERIN does exactly that: it explains why it is important to feel and say “thank you”; feel joy and good; be generous; laugh and smile; live in harmony and peace; learn to forgive and forget; get inspired, be creative and love our families. TIGERIN introduces our kids to the Positive Thinking in a child-friendly way (through the Animals) AND at the same time encourages them to speak good words, plant good thoughts and generate good feelings.

Our kids are never too young to start learning the value of family and good manners. The children under the age of 5 will delight in hearing TIGERIN over and over again as one of their favourite Bedtime stories – whereas you set the foundation for your kids to have values in life as a child for when they become an adult. At the age of 5 to 12 years the children are usually old enough to understand about the principles/morals that are a part of your family.

What is this book about?


  • It is a beautiful story about the wonderful adventures of a little Blue Tiger called Tigerin, who discovers that he is the Master of 2010 Year of the Blue Tiger, symbolising Power, Prosperity and Luck.
  • Trying to understand what the celebrations are, Tigerin meets other 11 Animals of the Eastern Horoscope who represent and protect a certain Year: Cat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat and Ox.
  • The wise Animals of the Year share with TIGERIN their understanding of Gratitude, Blessing, Praise, Joy, Happiness, treating others with Love and Respect, Giving from the bottom of your heart, Laughter, being in Harmony with Nature, living in Peace, Forgiveness, Inspiration and Imagination – all those wonders which can be found at home: in Family, in the warm family circle. They also tell TIGERIN about some of the features and characteristics that can be noticed in people born under the Sign of a certain Animal.

Buy this amazing book NOW and you will also

Get a very special Tiger Talisman for 2010

You will get a paper template of a Blue Tiger that you can make with your children in 7 easy steps (instruction included). When finished, that beautiful toy becomes YOUR unique Talisman for 2010.

Tigerin Talisman

Good Talismans are expensive, mainly because they are charged with the positive energy by their makers. I ENCOURAGE you to charge your Tiger Talisman 2010 with joy and love when assembling, so that it becomes powerful.

Do you believe that your Tiger Talisman will protect you and your family? Do you believe that he will surely bring you Prosperity, Luck, Power and Victory? Everything is possible, if you only believe. Teach your kids to believe. Your own Blue Tiger will strengthen your belief. Let this special Talisman of 2010 be at your home or office during the whole Year of Tiger.

TIGERIN will help you teach your children to believe in your family ethics, so that they will become the person you want them to be!

Start or continue educating your children about family values and good manners – they will have them and appreciate their family and what is important about them. TIGERIN will help you do that – it was created to bring joy and happiness to every family.

Besides, both you and your children will have lots of fun together when reading the eBook and making the Tiger Talisman: family members reading and creating together also helps bind families together. We never get too old for a good story.

Buy Now!

Good luck!

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